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Shape Dividers

The POWER Shape Dividers allow you to create pages with unlimited possibilities.

Many Modern Shape Divider Layouts

More than 20 shape dividers, fully customizable and with pixel perfect design.

Arrow Book
Arrow Split
Arrow Split Alt.
Arrow Straight
Corner Cut
Corner Rounded
Diagonal Rounded
Triangle Asym.
Triangle Asym. Alt.
Triangle Mini
Paper Cut 1
Paper Cut 2
Paper Cut 3
Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 3
Wave 4
Wave Mini
Easy as pie

See it in action!

HubSpot Video


Many Advanced Options

Endless Possibilities with custom options to make your styles stand out.

pwr-sd-options_01-layers Layering

Unlimited number of layers. Stack and combine multiple shapes.

pwr-sd-options_02-position Position

Place the shape divider at the top or bottom of the section module

pwr-sd-options_03-flip-hor Flip Horizontally

Flip Shapes Horizontally to add more variations to your layouts

pwr-sd-options_04-flip-vert Flip Vertically

Flip vertically and optionally invert the shapes

pwr-sd-options_05-heights Custom Heights

Set the heights individually for each configured shape divider

pwr-sd-options_06-colors Color Types

Either configure a solid color with a custom opacity or a color gradient

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