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POWER your design process with high-fidelity wireframes for every module layout.

All the wireframes you'll need to design website pages in Figma and build with POWER theme.

How it Works

icon-maka-form Request

Fill out the form below to request wireframes for POWER theme.

icon-maka-installation Download

Use the link to download the file.

maka-icon_figma Figma

Open your copy in Figma.

icon-design Design

Create mockups.

Mockup your Website
with POWER

Whether you use Figma, Sketch, Invision, Adobe XD, or another design app, you can import the POWER design file to start your mockups today!

You'll have all the POWER module layouts, shape dividers, and blog templates to design with.

maka_figma--mockup (1)

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