Newest POWER Updates: Professional V22 (March 25, 2022)

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UPDATE - Professional - V22

Release Date: March 25, 2022


Client Logo Grid Layout πŸ•ΈοΈ - New Layout option in POWER Sec Client Logos module. Check it out here

Hover Colors 🎨 - Can now be changed globally in the theme settings.

Intro Title Styles πŸ·οΈ - New style options in section modules for intro titles. Available options: custom color or gradient for text, background color, gradient and border radius. Check it out here

Scroll Shadows πŸ”¦ - For scrollable elements like sticky sub-menu, hamburger menu, or pricing tables on mobile, a subtle shadow indicates that there is more content available on scroll. 

Linked Images - In client logos and image slider modules images can now be linked.

Alignment Options - Sec Device Mockup module: Options to align text and image horizontally for both desktop and mobile. Sec Client Logos module: Option to vertically align images. Sec Text module: vertical alignment options for 2 column layout on desktop. 

Hide Hamburger Icon - Added option to hide hamburger icon 

Transparent Section Background - Option to set the background of a section module to transparent. That way multiple section modules could be stacked within one dnd area and could share the same background image (set in the dnd styles of the dnd area).

Blog Background Colors - New fields in theme settings to set the background color of the blog listing and blog post templates. 

Minor Tweaks - Different help texts, removed search button in 404 template, custom button styles for Sec Forms module, Horizontal paddings now more consistent throughout different widths. 


Sub Service Box - Padding fixes 

Sub Image Boxes - Fixed responsive issues where the box width was getting too narrow.

Sec Teams - For reduced layout circular images are now also possible for versions with tabs. Circular images have improved responsiveness now.

Header Menu Breakpoint - If the browser width was exactly on the theme setting value for Header Menu Breakpoint, no menu was shown, due to the wrong media query breakpoint config.

UPDATE - Professional - V21

Release Date: March 9, 2022


Price Comparison Table πŸ†  - Got feature-rich products and services? Showcase your pricing with our new and advanced comparison table using price toggle, tooltips, section dividers, images, and more. Check it out here.

New Button/Link Style  - Animated arrow to the left

Image Slider  - Hide navigation elements if only one image is used


Theme settings - Some elements did not fully use available theme settings related to the horizontal padding on mobile, line-heights, and letter-spacing.

Content Media Split & Youtube videos - Fixed a JS error that appeared when using Youtube videos in that module

UPDATE - Professional - V20

Release Date: Jan 5, 2022


Section Shape Dividers πŸ„ - Create beautiful, dynamic pages with new visual dividers and get creative with lots of configuration options!

Hero πŸ™Œ - Fullscreen option. Multiple button styles. Pause time option for typewriter effect.

Price Tables 🍭 - Price switcher functionality

Buttons - More button size options and the ability to define four additional custom buttons styles

Sliders - Pagination bullet styles configurable via theme settings

Service Boxes - New style that allows links to sub-services directly in the box description

Accordions - Beautiful accordion styling options and the ability to pre-open on page load

Header ❀️ - Mobile option for top bar. Option to flip order of top bar elements. New Glassmorphism style. Option for login icon. Custom color scheme for dropdowns. Menu position configurable within header. Customizable logo sizes for all cases. Mobile burger menu items can be expanded/collapsed by buttons. Also parent menu items can be tapped/clicked on mobile.

Image Boxes - Custom box height options. Option to show description on the front

Accessibility - Added "Skip To Content" button for all pages

Mini CTA - Option to configure regular buttons

Sec Steps - Title optional. Button option.

Mobile Order - Change order on mobile for Content Media Split, Device Mockup, and Text Section with two columns

Youtube Video Backgrounds - Pause behavior configurable in theme settings

Translatable System Pages - Added Portuguese

Smooth Scroll - Exchanged with more performant solution

Device Mockup - Set hide image on mobile default to false


Image Boxes - Section button overlapping the section description in some cases

Header - Prevent default values going into info

Map - Fixed indentation for multiple lines in boxed style

Hero - Fixed issue with letter-spacing for extra-large titles

Sec CTA - Fixed issue section padding

Translatable System Pages - 404 pages only displayed the main language

Testimonial Slider - No separator line if no job description


UPDATE - Professional - V19

Release Date: Dec 10, 2021


Hero Slider πŸŽ‰ - We listened to your feedback and slider functionality is available now!



Media Content Split - New option to show images in full or covering the container

Headings - Font size of headings can be adjusted independently of the header type now (h1,h2,h3,..)

Filters - You can choose between a dropdown and a list style for all filters now. The dropdown will be shown on mobile as default. 


Translatable System & Blog Pages - The translations take effect for all types of website pages now. In some cases, Italian words instead of English words appeared.

Burger menu - The language switcher hides the dash if no descriptive text is configured

UPDATE - Professional - V18

Release Date: Nov 29, 2021


Form Field Styles - For customers that have created a child theme "the old way" the default form styles are gone. The reason is, that the fields.json file gets overwritten by the child theme. This update fixes the issue.

UPDATE - Professional - V17

Release Date: Nov 29, 2021


New Module πŸŽ‰ - We added a module called "Guide" which helps your users navigate quickly by answering questions

Gradient Titles 🌈 - Use gradient colors for section titles 

New Form Input Styles πŸ˜Ž - Border, Boxed, Glassmorphism

Additional Form Style - Section module allows border styling for boxed layout now 

Additional Team Styles - Added new style with circular images and description texts for reduced style

Language Selector for Blog Listing - Our header supports this template type now

Translatable System & Blog Pages - System pages are now translatable via the child theme with standard texts for English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish



Header Menu - The burger menu can now be configured independently of the main menu 

Header Buttons - An additional CTA/Button can now be configured and styled independently

Service Icons - Icons of the service module are now adjustable in size 

Header Logo Link - Can be overwritten in the header module now



x min read - Optimized calculation of read-time for blog posts

Search results template - Fixed missing default configuration for the search results template

Escape key - Fixed a problem with the Escape key allowing to exit the search, TOC overlays, etc. by key

UPDATE - Professional - V16

Release Date: Sep 03, 2021






Chrome V93 & 3D boxes -Some POWER modules that allow 3D effects do not render correctly for the new stable version of Chrome Browser V93. Please update or add this hotfix:

Typewriter effect in Hero module - Some characters were not escaped correctly. 

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1.4 / V14

Release Date: May 13, 2021


Sticky Sub-Menu πŸ’ - This new module allows you to add a beautiful on-page sticky navigation that is also able to show how far a user scrolled the site!

Custom JS for child themes - Custom Javascript can now easily be added when using child themes



Lazy-Loading Images - Optimized the lazy loading for smaller device widths.

Blog Post Preview - Related posts filter was too specific. A wider range of posts is accepted as related posts now

TOC/Burger Menu - Removed default browser scrollbars

Blog Post Header - Changed default value of the header overlay color

Blog Templates - Added thumbnail images

Footer Links - Optimised long links to not overlap on certain smaller screen widths

Field Prefix/Suffix - Added new suffix labels for theme and module field values



Rich-Text Icons - Fixed an issue with our theme interfering with the width and height settings of rich-text icons.

Email Subscription Preferences - Fixed an error that did not allow to properly edit the settings

Cookie Notice & HS Chat - Fixed the HubSpot chat partly overlapping the cookie notice

Dropdown Select on Windows - Fixed the options of dropdown select not being visible on Edge/Internet Explorer if the dark scheme of a module was selected

Parallax Effect - Fixed background image not fully scaling if the parallax is switched off for mobile via theme settings

Sec Form - Fixed an issue when several instances of this module were used on the same page

Sec Text with Tabs and TOC - Fixed an issue with tabs not being properly clickable if tab content starts with headings and the TOC module is used on that page

Blog author & Social Profiles - If social profiles were switched off, email and website pages were also not showing on the blog author pages

Background Gradient Overlay - Gradient overlay option was missing for some modules background settings

Testimonial Slider & TOC - Testimonial sliders got cut off on the sides when the TOC module with narrow content was used on a page

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1.3 / V13

Release Date: March 10, 2021


Global Blog Header/Footer - Added the ability to configure a dedicated header and footer for the blog listing and blog posts


Page Settings - Locally overwriting button type did only work after when the button type setting was already changed by the user before.

Global LP Header/Footer - Option to edit the landing-page variant of the global header/footer was not shown - Code examples in text form led to definitions not rendering correctly for blog posts

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1.2 / V12

Release Date: Feb 16, 2021


Page Editor DnD UI - Layout shift before and after loading styles is too big for the HS page editor UI elements to be initialised correctly => Temporarily restrict header height in page edit mode

Page Editor blank - Animation on scroll (AOS) is not rendered correctly in HS page editor => Disable AOS in page editor

Module Rendering in Templates - Some modules did not render correctly within templates, e.g. Maps

Top Header font settings - Changes in theme settings regarding the font of the top header did not work.

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1.1 / V11

Release Date: Feb 11, 2021


Template Types - New template types for existing blog templates


Animation On Scroll - Animation delay was falsely required for some elements on module level

Sub Services Module - "Read More" text not showing for boxed layout

Missing dependencies - for sub-image-box, sub-video-box and sub-simple-listing modules

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1 / V10

Release Date: Jan 29, 2021


Animations on scroll  πŸ™Œ - Global defaults in theme settings and possibilities to overwrite them on module level for whole sections or module elements. Animation-type, -delay, -duration, -offset 

Typewriter effect βŒ¨οΈ - Available for the hero module's title


Device Mockup Module - Optimised to prevent layout shifts

Parallax Effect & Lazy Loading - Optimised calculation of parallax position in combination with lazy loading the parallax image


Footer - Displacement of menu columns for layout variant "full" on small devices with widths <= 320px