Newest POWER Updates: Professional V16 & Starter V3 (Sep 03, 2021)

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UPDATE - Professional - V16

Release Date: Sep 03, 2021






Chrome V93 & 3D boxes -Some POWER modules that allow 3D effects do not render correctly for the new stable version of Chrome Browser V93. Please update or add this hotfix:

Typewriter effect in Hero module - Some characters were not escaped correctly. 

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1.4 / V14

Release Date: May 13, 2021


Sticky Sub-Menu 🍒 - This new module allows you to add a beautiful on-page sticky navigation that is also able to show how far a user scrolled the site!

Custom JS for child themes - Custom Javascript can now easily be added when using child themes



Lazy-Loading Images - Optimized the lazy loading for smaller device widths.

Blog Post Preview - Related posts filter was too specific. A wider range of posts is accepted as related posts now

TOC/Burger Menu - Removed default browser scrollbars

Blog Post Header - Changed default value of the header overlay color

Blog Templates - Added thumbnail images

Footer Links - Optimised long links to not overlap on certain smaller screen widths

Field Prefix/Suffix - Added new suffix labels for theme and module field values



Rich-Text Icons - Fixed an issue with our theme interfering with the width and height settings of rich-text icons.

Email Subscription Preferences - Fixed an error that did not allow to properly edit the settings

Cookie Notice & HS Chat - Fixed the HubSpot chat partly overlapping the cookie notice

Dropdown Select on Windows - Fixed the options of dropdown select not being visible on Edge/Internet Explorer if the dark scheme of a module was selected

Parallax Effect - Fixed background image not fully scaling if the parallax is switched off for mobile via theme settings

Sec Form - Fixed an issue when several instances of this module were used on the same page

Sec Text with Tabs and TOC - Fixed an issue with tabs not being properly clickable if tab content starts with headings and the TOC module is used on that page

Blog author & Social Profiles - If social profiles were switched off, email and website pages were also not showing on the blog author pages

Background Gradient Overlay - Gradient overlay option was missing for some modules background settings

Testimonial Slider & TOC - Testimonial sliders got cut off on the sides when the TOC module with narrow content was used on a page

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1.3 / V13

Release Date: March 10, 2021


Global Blog Header/Footer - Added the ability to configure a dedicated header and footer for the blog listing and blog posts


Page Settings - Locally overwriting button type did only work after when the button type setting was already changed by the user before.

Global LP Header/Footer - Option to edit the landing-page variant of the global header/footer was not shown - Code examples in text form led to definitions not rendering correctly for blog posts

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1.2 / V12

Release Date: Feb 16, 2021


Page Editor DnD UI - Layout shift before and after loading styles is too big for the HS page editor UI elements to be initialised correctly => Temporarily restrict header height in page edit mode

Page Editor blank - Animation on scroll (AOS) is not rendered correctly in HS page editor => Disable AOS in page editor

Module Rendering in Templates - Some modules did not render correctly within templates, e.g. Maps

Top Header font settings - Changes in theme settings regarding the font of the top header did not work.

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1.1 / V11

Release Date: Feb 11, 2021


Template Types - New template types for existing blog templates


Animation On Scroll - Animation delay was falsely required for some elements on module level

Sub Services Module - "Read More" text not showing for boxed layout

Missing dependencies - for sub-image-box, sub-video-box and sub-simple-listing modules

UPDATE - Professional - 1.1 / V10

Release Date: Jan 29, 2021


Animations on scroll  🙌 - Global defaults in theme settings and possibilities to overwrite them on module level for whole sections or module elements. Animation-type, -delay, -duration, -offset 

Typewriter effect ⌨️ - Available for the hero module's title


Device Mockup Module - Optimised to prevent layout shifts

Parallax Effect & Lazy Loading - Optimised calculation of parallax position in combination with lazy loading the parallax image


Footer - Displacement of menu columns for layout variant "full" on small devices with widths <= 320px