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We understand the importance of documentation. We also understand that documentation can be tiring. We have tried to make our instructions as pleasing as possible and provide the best way to start off with your POWER HubSpot theme.
We are always happy to receive feedback on how to improve our documentation 😉


Find a quick answer for a known issue or a how-to-do question.

What is the difference between the template pack and theme? The Full Pack is based on HubSpot's old drag and drop templates, and the Theme is based on the new coded templates, which come with many advantages like a more sophisticated drag-and-drop functionality and the theme settings, where you can customize all of the theme templates and configure the website on a global level – all without hiring a web-developer.
Read more about this topic in our blog post here.
I purchased one of your products. Where can I find the invoice? Unfortunately, the purchase process in the marketplace does not automatically generate an invoice. Please send your company name, billing address and Tax-ID to billing@maka-agency.com and we will create an invoice for you.
Is there a list of websites using POWER? Yes, have a look at this page.
Does POWER support HubDB? HubDB is not supported by default. Of course, the modules can be altered to support HubDB, but that would require custom coding. If you want to discuss specific requirements, please contact us here.
Where can I find the images used in the theme? All stock images are licensed, included and ready to be used with the POWER Theme. You are allowed to use all included imagesin combination with the POWER Theme for your website.
Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to use the included images in any other context.
You can find them in the Design Tools in the main POWER THEME all images are located in the sub-folder named images
What is the proper format for the logo? We highly recommend to use SVG-Files for the logo. 
How often can I expect an update? We are working day-in and day-out to update the POWER THEME. Generally, we are updating once a month. Please, have a look at our changelog to read more about the updates we release.
Do I get support with purchasing the theme? Yes, we provide free lifetime support for all issues regarding the theme itself. Please note that custom features or functionalities are excluded from the free support. Instead, we offer consultation and custom design and development services based on an hourly rate. 
How long will I be eligible to updates? We offer free lifetime update support.
Some of my modules do not work properly. What can I do? Most likely the wrong version of jQuery is configured in your HubSpot settings. Please follow the instructions here to configure the proper version of jQuery.
Client logo slider doesn't show the logos or the logos are stacked It looks like the wrong version of jQuery is configured in your HubSpot settings. Please follow the instructions here to configure the proper version of jQuery.
Where can I change the copyright text in the footer?

The copyright text can be configured directly in the footer module. Please watch this video for further details.

Footer - Copyright Text


If I change the layout of the modules it shows an error message. This happens because of an old bug. We fixed the issue and released an update on February 16. 2021. Please have look at our changelog for further details. If you purchased before that date, please update the theme. 
Some of my images are being cropped on smaller screens. Some of the images used in the modules are configured as background-images. This way, we can guarantee that the area which should be filled with the image, is always covered completely. The downside of this method is that depending on the dimensions of the container-element and the image itself, parts of the image can be cropped. 
The logo in the header module appears too large or too small.

You can configure the dimensions of the logos directly in the header module. Please watch this video for further insights.

Header - Logo Size


The images in the logo slider seem misaligned. By default the logo images are top-aligned. Please make sure that the logo images all have the same dimensions. We recommend a height of 200px. The width depends on the number of visible logos. 
Can I change the color of the header background? Yes, the background color can be set by the color scheme choice field in the style area of the header module settings. The color scheme colors can be set in the theme options in your HubSpot settings under Website --> Themes --> POWER THEME --> Colors --> Brand Colors


Create a support ticket and we will get back to you within one working day.