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How to create a professionally designed portfolio for your HubSpot website



Showcase your projects, photography, products, and more with professionally designed layouts, cool features, and interactive elements to really wow your potential customers.



Can I add a portfolio to other templates?

Yes! You can easily add a portfolio to any website page using your child theme, just drag and drop the POWER Sec Image Boxes module where you want the portfolio to go.

Pro tip: If you've built a portfolio page already and want to include a preview on another page, save the section and then modify the content to fit the preview on your new page.

You can also create a test page with the Portfolio template to save the section for one of the preconfigured modules to get a head start!

How can I create a masonry layout?

Whether for a portfolio or image gallery, we recommend using the Resources template as a starting point to create your masonry layout because it includes a preconfigured section that you can easily modify in the settings.

If you already created a page, you can create a test page with the resources template and save the section with the masonry layout to add to your page.

Setup Instructions

Create a stunning, organized, interactive portfolio by leveraging one of our most powerful modules, POWER Sec Image Boxes, and then tie the pages together seamlessly with the POWER Previous Next Navigation module.

Create a Portfolio for your Website

Marketing  → Website → Website Pages

To get started, first Create a Website Page using the Portfolio Overview template from your child theme.

Hint: search portfolio in the box ;)


The best part about this template - it already includes all 3 pre-configured layouts that you can use as a starting point. So whether you want a 3-column grid, 4-column layout, or even a masonry design, all you have to do is start swapping out the content and adjusting the settings.

Unless you're keeping the settings exactly as they are configured for your chosen layout, we recommend keeping the other two modules on the page so you can refer to the module settings if you have questions while making changes.

Easily Update Portfolio Layouts

3 Column with text below the box

In just a few clicks, you can customize the default layouts included to the configuration you like best. For example, you can modify the 3 Column layout to include the text description below the box with this setting:


Compare the Content Overlay and Content Below settings

Content Overlay
Content Below

Create Content Pages for your Portfolio

Marketing  → Website → Website Pages

If you aren't linking your portfolio to external pages/links, there are two options to explore.

Gallery / Lightbox

The first option is to convert your portfolio into a Gallery. With this setting, your images will open in a lightbox after the user clicks on the image box.


Content Pages

The second option is to create individual pages for your portfolio to showcase your work. The Case Study template is a great option to use as a starting point for your portfolio pages.

One of the nice features of this template is that it already includes the POWER Previous Next Navigation module, which allows you to configure links between the pages of your portfolio.

Previous / Next Navigation

The same module that is used for the blog post navigation can also be used for other use cases, e.g. the portfolio navigation.

The user can jump to the next or previous portfolio item or go back to the portfolio overview. Unlike the blog post navigation, the links to next, previous, and overview must be configured manually within the module settings.

Review documentation for Previous Next Navigation.

previous next navigation shown on portfolio template

Next Steps

Want to highlight your portfolio in your navigation? Menu Tags and the Menu Dot allow you to draw attention to items in your menu, check them out next!

Next up:


We are continuously improving our modules and updating our documentation. Stay in the loop.