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CMS Hub Basics

Helpful resources to build your website in HubSpot using a theme



Focus on creating amazing content, not managing your content creation process. With CMS Hub and POWER theme you'll have a flexible content creation experience that allows you to easily create pages through a drag and drop editing experience.



Is it possible to customize POWER theme?

Many customizations can be made directly in the theme settings without code and custom development is easy with a child theme.


There are many Content Management Systems [CMS] options out there and each of them works differently.

The HubSpot CMS – especially with the addition of themes – makes it easy to build websites.

However, working with a theme does not mean you should not understand some essentials about building a website, web design, creating pages, and using images and videos. We've compiled these resources to help you along the way!


HubSpot Community

In addition to HubSpot Academy and the HubSpot Knowledge Base, HubSpot also has an amazing community with discussions, ideas, and events!

You can always search for common questions there or post a question yourself. The community is packed with helpful people using the very same HubSpot products and services that you do.

There is also an Ideas section where you can add ideas you'd like HubSpot to consider for improvement, for any of the Hubs or tools in HubSpot.

You'll find our team in the community helping to make CMS Hub better, answering questions, and sharing ideas: follow us at mzweng, erg1000, and jnix284

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot offers many insightful academy courses, ranging from inbound marketing to graphic design, all for free.

We highly recommend watching and studying HubSpot CMS for Marketers to get a kick-start into the HubSpot CMS, plus you'll get a certification when you're done! 

If you would like to dive deeper and learn how to optimize your website using the HubSpot CMS, we recommend the Website Optimization Course.

HubSpot Knowledge Base

Next Steps

Get our helpful checklist to prepare for your website launch now that you've brushed up on your HubSpot skills.

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