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Add Animation to Website Pages

How to add animation to your website with Animation on Scroll and custom modules



Animation on Scroll (AOS) creates an interactive experience for site visitors as they scroll down the page by animating the content and is one way to incorporate animation on your website.


Page Speed Impact


Scroll on Animation defers loading content until the user scrolls, which helps decrease page load times.

Hover effects, parallax, and other animations require additional code and can have a slight impact.


Additional impact on desktop and mobile if images are not compressed.

An image or video background also impacts page performance.


Convert images to WebP where possible to meet criteria to serve images in next-gen format.

To reduce image file sizes without losing quality, use TinyPNG to compress your images (JPG, PNG, WebP).

Vector images (SVG) also help keep file sizes to a minimum and can be used for graphics like logos and icons.


I don't want animation, where do I turn it off?

Animation can be turned off globally in Theme Settings under Animation here:


How can I turn off Animation for a specific page or module?

To turn off animation for individual modules, scroll to the bottom of the settings and click Animation, then change Animation Type to None.

Setup Instructions

Helpful Links: Step-by-step instructions for configuring animation in the Theme Settings.

You can define a global animation style for all of your pages in Theme Settings and also modify individual modules to customize the animation for your content and page layouts.

Many Custom Modules included with POWER theme include interactive elements, such as the 3D Hover Effect for image boxes.

Add Animation to Website Pages in HubSpot

Adding animation to your website pages defers the content from loading until the user starts scrolling down the page, which can help improve your overall page speed by reducing the files that are needed on the initial page load.

Theme Settings  → Animation

Modify the global settings for Animation on Scroll, including the option to disable globally or based on device type.


Types of Animation Styles Available
  • Fade
  • Fade Up
  • Fade Down
  • Fade Left
  • Fade Right
  • Fade Up Right
  • Fade Up Left
  • Fade Down Right
  • Fade Down Left
  • Flip Up
  • Flip Down
  • Flip Left
  • Flip Right
  • Slide Up
  • Slide Down
  • Slide Left
  • Slide Right
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom In Up
  • Zoom In Down
  • Zoom In Left
  • Zoom In Right
  • Zoom Out
  • Zoom Out Up
  • Zoom Out Down
  • Zoom Out Left
  • Zoom Out Right

Add Hover Effects to Website Content

Theme Settings  > Effects

POWER theme includes a 3D Box Effect that you can see when you hover on the services above.

The theme also includes a default effect for CTAs and Buttons to "slide up" on hover.

Add Parallax Effect to Images

[POWER SEC Module] > Style > Background > Background Image

When configuring an image as the background for one of the custom POWER Section Modules, you can initiate the Parallax effect by changing the Background Position / Parallax Effect to Parallax.



Next Steps

With Animation on Scroll set up for your website pages, now it's time to showcase your work with a Portfolio layout.

Next up:


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