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Configuring Responsiveness in Theme Settings


Can I change how much the font sizes are reduced on mobile?

Yes, the default is to reduce the font sizes by a factor of 25% which can be changed in the Responsiveness Theme Settings.

Theme Settings

There are 3 sections in Theme Settings for Responsiveness: Header, Spacing, and Font Sizes.


This design group provides options to modify the responsiveness configurations to further refine the UX on tablet and mobile.


Responsiveness → Header

Adjust the breakpoint for where the menu switches to the burger menu for tablet/mobile.

If your header is using burger only, this doesn't apply.


Responsiveness → Spacing

Modify the horizontal padding and reduce spacing on mobile.


  • Horizontal Padding: This controls the horizontal padding left and right of your content on smaller desktop and tablet devices as well as on mobile.
  • Mobile – Reduce Spacing: All POWER modules reduce some of their paddings/margins for mobile devices. This factor controls how much those paddings/margins will be reduced by a percentage value.
Responsiveness → Font Sizes

Font sizes in POWER theme are designed to be responsive based on a percentage of the desktop size.

If you are using a very small font size on desktop, the minimum font size on mobile prevents it from becoming illegible.


  • Mobile – Reduce Font Size: All POWER modules reduce most of their font sizes for mobile devices. This factor controls how much those font sizes will be reduced by a percentage value.
  • Mobile – Minimum Font Size: Here you can define the font size that should be used as the minimum value in case the reduction would lead to an even smaller value than this one.

Next Steps

After configuring the responsiveness, update the Performance options in theme settings


We are continuously improving our modules and updating our documentation. Stay in the loop.