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Ergün KayisMar 05, 212 min read

HubSpot Themes vs. Template Packs

We often get asked what the difference between our POWER Full Pack and POWER Theme is. While scrolling through our demo pages, the differences might not be clear and could cause confusion. 

TLDR: The Full Pack uses HubSpot's old drag-and-drop templates that are no longer supported. The Theme is developed with coded templates that offer a more sophisticated drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to customize theme settings at the global level – all without hiring a web developer. 

NEW: POWER Pro Theme – a HubSpot Theme

Since the release of the CMS Hub in June 2020, HubSpot has introduced Themes. Themes are based on coded templates. These are HubSpot's state-of-the-art templates and come with many advantages!

Theme Settings

HubSpot theme settings allow website creators to customize all of their pages, landing pages, and blogs to their company branding and needs – from one central place. All visually and intuitively without the need for any coding skills. See how we built the POWER THEME settings:


True drag and drop editing (HubSpot Drag and Drop Area)

One of the core elements of HubSpot themes is the new drag-and-drop website builder. It allows the website creator to set up sections with simple to complex structures regarding styling, layout, and content. Everything is managed in a visual interface and was built with the marketer in mind.
Please look at the short demo video we created to show the new drag-and-drop functionalities.


Modules are easy to find and use

In the past, using drag and drop templates, modules could get mixed, and usually, it was not the most convenient experience to find the proper modules. Now, with HubSpot's new website editor, all the theme-related modules are in one place indicated by custom icons in the Theme modules category. This makes the module selection process trouble-free. See for yourself:



OLD: POWER Full Pack – a HubSpot Template Pack

Template packs in HubSpot are a collection of website templates, landing page templates, blog templates, and email templates. Our POWER Full Pack has over 69 templates, 49 custom modules and sold over 130 times. Clearly, it was a big success for us. However, it was built with drag-and-drop templates based on HubSpot's original way of creating page templates on the HubSpot platform. Unfortunately, drag and drop templates have become outdated – mainly because of the following disadvantages: 

  1. HubSpot announced that the Asset Marketplace themes would replace template packs, and they do not recommend drag-and-drop templates anymore.
  2. They lack extensibility and do not provide a fully user-friendly experience for the website creators without coding skills. Even though we tried to develop ways to optimize the usability and keep the need for coding skills to a minimum level, often additional CSS or HTML code was required. 
  3. Drag and drop templates do not support many of HubSpot's CMS's new features: MembershipsDrag and drop areas, and many others. 


Themes are the new s*!# and we love it

As stated in the beginning, themes are replacing drag-and-drop templates, and this shift is exciting. We love the new website creation process, which allows you to create websites fast and easily, without touching any code.

We are also proud to be part of this great development on HubSpot. Check out our award-winning theme: POWER THEME.


Ergün Kayis

Co-Founder and Design Expert