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HubSpot Best Overall Theme 2020
Ergün KayisMar 11, 212 min read

HubSpot Winner: POWER awarded as Best Overall Theme

Our POWER THEME won the Best Overall Theme Award by HubSpot. We at maka Agency are both thrilled and proud to have won such a significant award.

What is the First Theme Hackathon Hosted by HubSpot?

In September of 2020, HubSpot issued its first theme hackathon. The idea behind the challenge was to allow both designers and developers to build fully functioning themes by utilizing HubSpot's CMS. The contest was open for about nine weeks, and final entries had to be submitted on or before November 16th.

This sounds easy in theory, but HubSpot introduced many new functionalities that require experience, time and dedication to master. Our team appreciated helpful workshops provided by HubSpot and the well-structured theme documentation to learn the process of creating a theme on HubSpot's platform. 

HubSpot's Scoring Process:

Once everyone's projects had been submitted, the scoring process began. There were three main categories that entries were judged on, including Design & UsabilityComprehensiveness, and Technical Optimization. Knowing the score categories ahead of time, we optimized our theme to match each category's requirements. HubSpot encouraged us to follow these best practices: 

  1. Design & Usability – This category was judged by the ease of use of the website, professional branding, polish, flexibility, scalability, accessibility, originality, and theme creativity.
  2. Comprehensiveness – This category was judged by the custom and global modules, page templates, documentation and support, ease of editing, and originality of the theme.
  3. Technical Optimization – This category was judged based on the customizability, simplicity, usability, page speed, SEO, and accessibility of the theme.

There were three judges in each category, for a total of nine judges. Each judge was allowed to award up to 25 points, which means that the highest score anyone could earn was 225 points.


Final Results

After each judge evaluated our theme, we received our final scores. Our POWER THEME received 185 out of 225 and was the highest-scoring theme out of all other entries. Our team was awarded the grand prize: Best Overall Theme. If you're interested in reading more about the prize announcements or curious about the other winners, click this link to learn about the prize announcements.


Our goal was to create an outstanding and modern design that was flexible to meet a wide range of needs in various industries. We wanted to create a future-proof structure for our theme options and modules, which builds a good base for the future.


What's next for our POWER THEME?

We made our theme available to the public and have been working to improve our POWER product continuously. We've received many great ideas and feedback from customers and our internal team that we're working to implement into our theme.


Are you interested in our POWER THEME?

Want to see what made the POWER THEME the top-rated hackathon winner? Feel free to check our POWER THEME demo or head directly to the HubSpot marketplace to purchase our product. If you have any questions regarding the POWER THEME, feel free to contact us.


Ergün Kayis

Co-Founder and Design Expert