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How to select the templates for System Pages in HubSpot domain settings


POWER Theme includes preconfigured templates for all system pages available in HubSpot.



There is more than one system page for POWER on the list, which one do I choose?

When you are setting up system pages, you will see at least 2 templates in the dropdown for POWER.

The first should be for the marketplace/parent theme and the second should be your first child theme.

If you have more than one child theme or a clone, you will see one template per instance of the theme. The files follow the same order that they appear in the Design Tools.

It is important to click the preview link to verify you have chosen the right one, there are rare instances where the template files are not in the expected order.

Once you determine the correct template in the dropdown (ex: 2 of 3), the order is the same in each dropdown so to choose the same theme you would always choose the 2nd on the list for this example.

Always preview the templates before saving.

What templates are included for System Pages?

HubSpot uses a collection of system pages, templates for each of these pages are included with the POWER theme. The following system pages are used in HubSpot:

1. Error Page 404 (preview)

2. Error Page 500 (preview)

3. Password Prompt (preview)

4. Search results page (preview)

5. Email Subscription Preferences (preview)

6. Email Unsubscribe Page (preview)

7. Email Subscription Confirmation (preview)

Setup Instructions

System Page Templates provide necessary pages for your website to function properly, for example, the 404 Error Page alerts visitors that a page is missing or no longer available.

Set up System Page Templates in HubSpot

Settings  → Website → System Pages

System Page templates are global and can be set for all domains, or individually by domain.


In the dropdown for each template, select the corresponding template from POWER theme for your child theme to swap HubSpot system templates from the default or previous theme or template.

You will see an instance of the template for each version of POWER in your portal. For example, if you have set up your child theme, you will see two pages listed: the first for the parent/marketplace theme and the second for the child theme.

If you are managing multiple brands or have more than one child theme, the dropdown choices will display in the same order that the themes appear in Design Tools.


Set up Email Subscription Templates in HubSpot

Settings  → Marketing → Email → Subscriptions

In the dropdown for each template, select the corresponding template from POWER theme for your child theme.



Customize System Pages in HubSpot

At this time, HubSpot has not provided the drag-and-drop capability for system pages. Any customization for system page templates included in the theme would need to be done by a developer.

Please request a quote if you are interested in working with us to customize the system page templates included with POWER theme.

Next Steps

After selecting your system page templates, you'll select the templates for your Blog Listing and Blog Post pages.

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