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Ready to add POWER to your website, but new to CMS Hub? We've got you covered.

When you choose CMS Hub Pro or Enterprise and POWER theme, onboarding is on us.

How it Works


Fill out the form below. This is the information our team needs to get you registered for onboarding.


We'll schedule a zoom meeting to talk through what you need from us and what we can do for you.


You'll get a quote from us to upgrade your CMS Hub Subscription and verify you're onboarding with us.


Purchase POWER Pro and schedule your combined kick-off call so you're ready to launch in less time!

Onboarding FAQ

CMS Hub Onboarding is available for NEW CMS Hub Professional or Enterprise subscriptions

What is Included with CMS Hub Onboarding?

CMS Hub Setup and 2 hours of hands-on training using POWER Pro to build your website.

Unlimited Tech Support via Ticket/Email and Live Chat 7 am CT - 7 pm CT is included with your purchase of POWER theme.

You also receive 2 hours of contingent time that can be used towards custom development, theme setup, SEO, or additional training and onboarding services.

What is NOT Included?

Website migration, content development, and any items not agreed to during the Discovery.

Why is onboarding free?

HubSpot requires onboarding for all CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

They offer onboarding for $2000 in addition to the subscription.

We have drastically simplified the onboarding process through the available assets included with POWER theme and simply because we have done this so many times before.

With POWER, your website is already optimized to perform, you'll have all the templates you need with the flexibility to customize for your brand.

Do you also provide onboarding for other HubSpot Hubs?

Our focus is solely on CMS Hub, it's how we can offer an amazing deal like this.

If you are brand new to HubSpot and require onboarding for other tiers, you can combine our onboarding with the HubSpot-provided onboarding.

If you choose to work with another Solutions Provider to combine all of your onboarding, we are happy to help answer any questions you or your agency have about using POWER for your website.

What if I am already signed up for CMS Hub?

If you have Free or Starter and are thinking about upgrading to Professional or Enterprise, we can help with the process and provide onboarding, but we do need to know before you sign up.

If you have Professional and are upgrading to Enterprise, we can help with the process and provide onboarding, but we do need to know before you sign up.

If you've already purchased a subscription for Professional or Enterprise and signed an agreement that includes onboarding, we are no longer able to help.


Do you offer additional onboarding for CMS Hub we can purchase?

Yes, during the discovery call we can discuss a custom plan that works best for you. Whether that means help with launch, technical SEO, or training for your team, we're open to exploring these options with you.

Do you offer migration services or custom development?

While we don't offer migration services, we are able to connect you with an agency who works with POWER theme.

For custom development, you can request a quote here.

Register for CMS Hub Onboarding