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Website Launch Checklist 🚀

How to prepare for a successful website launch in HubSpot CMS



A shape divider is an SVG file that adds a non-linear division between sections on your website page to enhance the design layout.



Do you offer launch support?

While often the scariest moment and always the most exciting, a website launch is a fairly simple process if you prepare accordingly.

With this checklist, you'll have all the information at your fingertips.

We can offer a post-launch audit if you would like feedback on your website and are also available if you run into an issue or have questions, simply submit a ticket.

How can I verify everything launched successfully?

Our Website Grader is a great resource for verifying that everything is up and running properly.

You can even submit your results for additional guidance if you run into any issues.

What's the best way to migrate my website to HubSpot?

We highly recommend using Content Staging to build your website pages to make the proofing/review process easier and manage publishing pages in one place.


Helpful articles from HubSpot's Knowledge Base to support a successful launch! 🚀

Feature availability varies based on your HubSpot subscriptions, please refer to the information contained in the article for requirements.

Domain Setup

1. Connecting your domain

2. Update your DNS records

3. SSL and domain security

4. Create and manage URL redirects


1. Update your sitemap

2. Bulk upload redirects (from existing site)

3. Enable Google Search Console

4. View SEO recommendations

Next Steps

Now that you have your launch checklist ready to go, you can start learning about the building blocks for your website pages, starting with Section Modules.

Next up:


We are continuously improving our modules and updating our documentation. Stay in the loop.