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jQuery Settings in HubSpot

How to disable the HubSpot included jQuery library to avoid blank pages and errors



HubSpot includes a default version of jQuery, a JavaScript library, in the website settings.



Do I need jQuery?

The theme contains the latest version of jQuery, so it is best to have this unchecked.

If your current site requires jQuery, select the latest version available.

My Page speed is impacted by jquery, what can I do?

As of v24, we have begun removing the dependency of the theme and modules on jQuery and are actively replacing jQuery with Vanilla JS.

The dependency will be fully resolved by v26, coming out in late August 2022.

Some of my modules do not work properly. What can I do?

Most likely the wrong version of jQuery is configured in your HubSpot settings.

Setup Instructions

IMPORTANT: we are currently in the process of removing the dependence on jQuery for POWER theme and will release updated instructions as we integrate these changes into future releases.

The theme contains a newer version of jQuery than what HubSpot includes by default. If you don't make these updates, elements on your page will not load due to the conflict between jQuery versions.

HubSpot included jQuery Library

HubSpot Settings  → Website → Pages → jQuery

Follow these steps only if you are running your current website, landing pages, and/or blog with a template or theme that requires jQuery via this setting to remain active:
  • By default, 1.7x is selected
  • In the dropdown, change 1.7x to 1.11x


It is highly recommended to uncheck the jQuery setting to disable HubSpot included jQuery as soon as you no longer require it for any existing pages.

Follow these steps if you are new to CMS Hub or your existing website does not require jQuery, the theme already includes the latest version:

  • Uncheck the box to remove this jQuery instance entirely


Video Tutorial

HubSpot Video

Next Steps

After verifying your jQuery settings, you'll update the template options for your system pages and email subscription pages.

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