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graphic drawing showing tree sprout growing three levels
Ergün KayisNov 18, 193 min read

How the POWER Theme plants trees

We are proud to tell you how buying the POWER theme or template pack plants real trees worldwide, with the help of trillion tree campaign. We hope to answer any questions that might come up with this blog post.

From buying the POWER template pack to planting trees

We, as maka Agency decided to plant trees for every POWER template pack sold. Our goal is that it should be easy for people to make a positive impact on the environment. We always try to keep the process as simple and powerful as possible. With every template pack sold, we donate 3% to an organization that supports reforestation. The organization or project may vary. We decided to go with Trillion Tree Campaign (, which connects many organizations and projects worldwide.


How many trees will be planted?

Different projects have different costs for each tree planted due to local economic or environmental conditions. The prices for one tree may vary from $0.10 up to ~$20.00. Currently, the cost per tree averages around $4.5. Given our 3% and the average tree costs, this would result in 6-7 trees. Of course, lower tree costs can yield up to 300 trees. We will try to meet the mentioned 100 trees in each donation. However, it may vary because, in the end, we donate where it is most needed. For example, if there is a higher need for trees in specific regions due to a natural wildfire or loss of wildlife habitats, we will prefer projects targeting these reforestation areas.


The Trillion Tree Campaign

Trillion Tree Campaign planted over 13.6 billion trees to this date. Their website offers a nice way to gift trees. We use that functionality to plant the trees for you. After purchasing our theme or template pack, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from trillion tree campaign with the donation details, including the number of trees, project name, and location. This way, you will know that we actually donated the money, and you will get insights into the chosen project. Isn't that great?




Why are we planting trees?

It is obvious that the tree population decreased in a global range. Scientists from ETH Zurich recommend planting trees to fight climate change. Agricultural deforestation, logging, mining, or forest fires dramatically drive the tree population down. According to Nature, an area larger than South Africa was cleared between 1990 and 2016 alone.

It is clear to us that planting trees alone will not stop climate change. However, we believe that every planted tree is better than no planted tree.

To be a bit more specific: We tested all of our templates with and found out that an average of 0,84g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits a page on your website built with POWER. One would need an average of 5 trees to compensate for that CO2 production – based on an average of 10.000 visits per month. We donate around 100 trees per template pack, which is more than enough to absorb the generated carbon. While absorbing and removing around 50 tons of carbon, the planted trees will also provide the earth and its people with ~1.300 more tons of oxygen.


You haven't purchased the POWER THEME yet?

We are proud of two things: Our award-winning HubSpot theme and our planting tree campaign. Maybe you were looking already for a HubSpot theme and came across this page. Feel free to have a look at our POWER THEME or directly head to the HubSpot marketplace to get it.


Ergün Kayis

Co-Founder and Design Expert