How to add a back to top button to the advanced footer?

The back to top button can be configured for the advanced footer layout (or any other footer layout) via theme settings

From Theme Settings → Back to Top Button, you can configure all of the settings for the back to top button to use in combination with the Advanced Footer layout (Footer Full Advanced).

Once activated in Theme Settings, the Back to Top Button will apply to all Footer layouts:

  • Footer Full
  • Footer Full Advanced
  • Footer Reduced
  • Simple Link
  • Copyright Bar

The Footer Full layout includes a default Back to Top Button, if the Back to Top Button is activated in Theme Settings it will override this default button.

As a global setting, the back to top button will be visible regardless of footer type (Page, Blog, Landing Page, and System Page) for all Website Pages and Blog Pages (by default or if changed via the Page Settings module) - it will not apply to Landing Pages or System Pages and can't be configured for those page types.