Can I hide the header and footer on an individual website page?

The page settings module has a header/footer visibility setting that allows you to hide the header, footer, or both

Whether you want to fully remove the header and footer from the page or you want to create a custom header/footer outside of the global settings, the Page Settings module header/footer visibility setting allows you to hide one or both.

Use cases for hiding the header and footer:

  • embedding an external page or resource via iframe
  • creating a web version of a document/PDF
  • creating content that will be embedded in an iframe on another page
  • creating a unique header/footer
    • for another brand or microsite (where a child theme isn't needed)
    • for a specific campaign

Once you hide the header and/or footer from the page, you can use the Add content option to add the header module to the top of the page and/or the footer module to the bottom of the page which would allow you to fully configure the settings uniquely for the page.

The header and footer added to the page would NOT be a global module and would only apply to the individual page.

If you don't need to change all of the header/footer content, using the Page Settings module to overwrite individual elements is recommended (such as changing or adding a button).