Why are some of my modules not working properly?

This is most likely caused by having more than one version of jQuery installed which causes a conflict in the code

Removing jQuery for Themes Purchased after v26

If you purchased the theme starting with v26 or greater, you can immediately deactivate the jQuery settings in your Theme Settings.

You'll want to complete these steps for each child theme in use, or the marketplace theme if you did not create a child theme.

If you do not have other website assets using jQuery (other themes or templates) you can also remove the jQuery setting from your HubSpot Settings as outlined in the instructions to deactivate jQuery.

Resolving jQuery for Themes Purchased prior to v26

If you purchased the theme prior to v26 and have not deactivated jQuery in the theme settings (due to having a custom module or cloned theme), you can follow the directions to update your HubSpot jQuery settings.

If you have not reviewed the documentation to deactivate jQuery, we recommend completing the guide to determine next steps.