Which modules have shape dividers?

Shape dividers can only be added to POWER Sec modules, with a few exceptions, and the Footer

Shape Dividers are included in the style settings for all POWER Sec modules with the exception of the POWER Sec Breadcrumbs, POWER Sec Content Split module, and POWER Sec Values.

You can also configure Shape Dividers for each of the layouts available in the Global Footer module.

Here is a full list of modules with the Shape Divider style option:

  • Sec Accordion
  • Sec CTA
  • Sec Device Mockup
  • Sec Form
  • Sec Guide
  • Sec Hero
  • Sec Image Boxes
  • Sec Images
  • Sec Logos
  • Sec Map
  • Sec Post Preview
  • Sec Pricing Tables
  • Sec Schedule
  • Sec Services
  • Sec Simple Listing
  • Sec Stats Counter
  • Sec Steps
  • Sec Team
  • Sec Testimonial
  • Sec Text
  • Sec Timeline
  • Sec Video
  • Sec Video Boxes