Where can I get an invoice for my purchase?

Marketplace purchases will generate a transaction receipt via Stripe automatically, invoices are only issued by request

Invoice for Purchase from HubSpot Theme Marketplace

Unfortunately, the purchase process in the marketplace does not automatically generate an invoice with your billing details.

Please complete this form to request an invoice.

Transaction Receipt from Stripe

You'll automatically receive a transaction receipt via email from Stripe, here is an example of the receipt:


Invoice for Purchase from maka Marketplace

If you purchased POWER Pro for Starter, you will be issued an invoice within 1 business day.

If you purchased POWER Plus Wishlist, you will be issued an invoice for the initial deposit at the start of the project and will have the choice to pay monthly or annually for the subscription.

Invoice for Customizations

For custom projects, we will issue an invoice upon completion, unless a deposit is required.

If a deposit is required, we will issue an invoice as outlined in the estimate provided.