What's the difference between Sec Accordion and Sub Accordion modules?

The Sec Accordion module is a fully configured section and the Sub Accordion module is the basic accordion functionality to build custom sections

The Sec Accordion module is a pre-built section with all the details worked out for you (intro, title, description, layouts, etc.) so you don't have to add each element to the section individually.

Steps to add the Sec Accordion module to your page:

  • Drag the module to a new section on the page
  • Edit the Section Style to set the Content Alignment
  • Adjust the padding and margin for the Section
  • Add your Content
  • Choose a Layout
  • Adjust the Style settings

The Sub Accordion module allows you to use the Accordion feature in combination with any other modules you'd like to build a custom section with however many rows and columns you need!

Steps to add the Sub Accordion module to your page:

  • Create a new section layout with more than one column
  • Drag the module to the column in the section
  • Add your Content
  • Adjust the Style Settings
  • Edit the Section and Column Style to adjust the padding and margin
  • Switch to "Edit for mobile" to make further adjustments as needed