What's the best way to get started with the HubSpot CMS and Themes?

Building your website with CMS Hub with a theme is easy with drag-and-drop editing, becoming CMS for Marketers certified is a great place to start learning

Completing the HubSpot CMS for Marketers certification will help you understand the components used to build your website in CMS Hub.

This course is designed for Marketers, but great for anyone responsible for building website content for your company.

You'll learn:

  • how to design and create user-friendly, high-performing website pages
  • how to optimize your website and content strategy for search engines
  • how to track your website performance over time
  • how to personalize your website experience using the HubSpot CRM

Included Lessons:

  1. Fundamentals of the HubSpot CMS
  2. Fundamentals of a Great Website User Experience
  3. Creating Pages in the HubSpot CMS
  4. Understanding Blogging in HubSpot
  5. Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines in HubSpot
  6. Organizing and Managing Assets in the HubSpot CMS
  7. Using the HubSpot CRM with the CMS

The course consists of 7 lessons, 33 videos, and 8 quizzes. It is approximately 2:40 hours long.