What is a website mockup?

A website mockup is a non-functional, visual representation of your web pages and how your website will look when it's complete

It is usually a high-fidelity wireframe (HiFi) that looks like a screenshot of a website, but sometimes a low-fidelity wireframe (LoFi) that outlines the major elements is all you need.

A website mockup typically includes:

  • the main layouts for the website
  • page elements like buttons, header, and footer
  • brand guidelines for colors and fonts
  • content placements for text and images

A website mockup does NOT include:

  • a layout for every single page
  • final copy/text, images, or video
  • interactive menus
  • animations or sliders
  • clickable buttons or links
  • pop-ups or other interactive elements

Creating a HiFi mockup is easy for POWER Pro theme, with the POWER Figma file you have access to HiFi layouts for all of the modules and layout variations included with the theme.