How many font weights should I use for my website?

The more consistent your fonts, the easier it is for your user to read your content - keep font families to 1-2 and font weights to 2-4

In Power Pro theme, you have the option to configure a Base and Accent font.

The Base font is used for the primary texts, like module descriptions, paragraphs, etc. and the Accent font is used for headlines, titles, etc.

If you want to use the same font family for both the Base and Accent font, select the font weights for the Base font and uncheck all font weights for the Accent font to prevent the font files from being loaded twice.

If you're using a different font for the Base and Accent fonts, you'll only need 1-3 font weights per font to achieve a consistent, easy-to-read design.

Reviewing the default font weights used in the theme settings under Fonts → Formatting will help get a sense of how the different weights are used in the theme so you can adjust as needed.