How do I open the Figma file with Invision?

Open the downloaded file in Figma to copy the share link and embed the prototype via the toolbar in Invision by selecting More, then Figma

Due to its popularity, ease of use for beginners, and freemium access, we've provided the POWER HiFi wireframes using Figma.

Available online, InVision is recommended if you're already using the InVision design collaboration software.

The POWER Figma file includes HiFi layouts for all of the modules and layout variations included with the theme.

To embed a Figma file into Invision:

  1. Open the POWER-Pro-Theme.fig file in Figma using a free account
  2. Select Share and copy the share link
  3. Open your freehand in InVision
  4. From the toolbar at the bottom, select More tools, then Figma
  5. Allow the plugin to connect to your Figma account
  6. In the modal, past the Figma share link and choose Embed Prototype