Can I use any icon with fontawesome?

Learn more about the icon options available in POWER from HubSpot and Fontawesome

Within any modules with an icon field in the POWER theme you can choose to add icons from Fontawesome (Free) or Fontawesome (Pro). The Fontawesome free library uses the HubSpot CMS default Fontawesome library and is fully managed by HubSpot. 

It is not currently possible to add more icons to the default HubSpot CMS Fontawesome kit. This default Fontawesome kit is what is available under "Fontawesome (free)" in your icon modules. 

Customising icons available using Fontawesome pro

You can add your own custom icon kits using font awesome pro. This allows you to fully control the icons available and choose an icon kit that suits your website's needs. For more information on how to use Fontawesome pro with your POWER theme see our related article "Can I use FontAwesome Pro?".