Why are the images in the logo slider misaligned?

By default, the logo images are top-aligned with the option to change the vertical alignment as of v22

To ensure a consistent appearance, make sure all of the logo image files are added using the same dimensions.

The size of the image within those dimensions will vary based on the proportions of the logos used.

We recommend a height of 200px, the width will vary based on the number of visible logos and the proportions of the logos.

For example, when you have images that are wider than they are tall combined with logos that are square, you'll make the image dimensions the same, but modify the size of the logo within those dimensions.

Here are two logos with different proportions using the same image size (the black border is not part of the image, just used to illustrate the size of the file):

horizontal-logo-file-size-example square-logo-file-size-example