What's the best way to paste text into a module?

Using cmd+shift+v on mac or ctrl+shift+v on pc will paste your text without any formatting from HTML code.

When copying text from another source to the module description or other rich text property, we recommend pasting it without the formatting to avoid any alignment issues or potential inconsistencies between elements of the module.

To paste text into a module, use cmd+shift+v on mac or ctrl+shift+v on PC to remove any hidden formatting from the text.

Preventing additional HTML code to be pasted will ensure that all of the module elements are formatted consistently, the only thing that is retained is the paragraph tag and line breaks that keep your text legible.

It's not recommended to apply inline styles to text within rich text boxes (other than using the predefined heading styles) because inline styles are not responsive based on screen size.

If you modify the text to set a specific font size, it will be that size on all devices, whereas if you use a heading tag, the text will follow the responsive rules for the heading.