What is a preview link?

A temporary link that allows you to share a preview of a website page, landing page, or blog post before it is published

Preview links can also be generated for non-theme assets, like Knowledge Base Articles and Emails.

There are two types of preview links in HubSpot: public and those that require a user to be logged in to access.

What is a public preview link?

A preview link that is generated from any content page hosted on your own domain.

Why does my preview link require a login?

To protect the integrity of HubSpot-hosted domains, any pages configured using the hs-sites.com, hubspotpagebuilder.com, preview.hs-sites.com, and content staging domains are limited to authenticated users.

An authenticated user is anyone with permission to access website content in your HubSpot portal.

Our team is not able to access private preview links unless we have been added as users in your HubSpot account; theme developers do not have permission to access your account automatically.