My font needs to be GDPR compliant and not use the Google API, how does this work?

The theme automatically converts the selected fonts to local font files and removes the call to the Google API

As of v26, the theme will automatically convert Google Fonts from the Theme Settings to local fonts

No action is required to make your use of Google Fonts GDPR/DSGVO compliant.

This does not apply to the Google Font API loaded with YouTube videos, while we have updated the video module to allow for the "nocookie" URL, this is only a delayed cookie, and once the video is played the cookie still loads.

We recommend local hosting as an alternative to YouTube.

Updating a Cloned Theme

If you still see the Google API in your website code, you can follow the steps to configure a custom font and then use a workaround solution to remove the call to the Google API.

Once the custom font is installed and set to override the theme settings, you can change the Base and Accent Font in the Theme Settings to default to Helvetica (a common font) which will remove the Google API.