How do I contact support?

Submit a ticket via our Support Form or send an email to power @

The best way to reach support is by filling out our Support Form to submit a ticket, this also provides the quickest response because it captures all of the information needed.

You can also email power @ with the following information:

  • problem overview (use as the subject line)
  • description
  • page/preview URL (must be a public URL if we don't have access to your account)
  • screenshots, mockups, video recordings, or other files that will help explain the issue

You can also submit a ticket or ask a question via the makabot on our Contact page.

When you ask a question, you will be connected to live chat.

Live chat is available Monday-Friday from 7 am CST to 7 pm CST (U.S.) unless we are in a meeting, on a call, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable.